A videoconference system at your office.

Let us install a turnkey Skiptrip System at your office. Our systems are so easy to use that your staff will embrace it in no time. In addition, we'll operate the system for you. High usage, no ownership problems - there's no videoconferencing solution more cost efficient.

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Beställ "Köparens Guide till Videokonferens" - guiden är gratis och ger dig en fast grund att stå på inför en upphandling.

Videoconferencing as a managed service

Skiptrip provides video conferencing as a service. This means we take care of installation, operation and suport.

And we guarantee the functionality down to the very minute with the most demanding Service Level Agreement in the market. Clients pay a set monthly fee and never has to wory about the cost of operation.

User friendly and reliable

Setting up a Skiptrip video meeting is as simple as booking a conference room.

The systmems will start up automatically, and no meeting time will be lost while the meeting delegates are struggling with a remote. Thanks to the automated procedures the systems are also extremly reliable. The most common reasons for mishappenings in videoconferencing simply can’t occur with Skiptrip as your partner.

Criteria for successful videoconferencing

1Will our staff use videoconferencing?

Yes, if it's easy. With Skiptrip you don't even need a remote control.

Our systems start up automatically once booked – attendees don't have to push a single button.

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2Will we need to rely on our own IT resources?

No. Skiptrip takes full responsibility for installation, operation and support.

Our help desk continously monitor the functionality of all our installations and have to ability to remote control every aspect of any Skiptrip system.

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3With whom can we meet?

Don't limit videoconferencing to internal meetings.

With a Skiptrip system at your office you can have videomeetings with anyone anywhere. Skiptrip's help desk will help you connect to any counterparty.

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What defines Skiptrip?

Skiptrip is in the business of arranging video meetings, not in selling hardware.

We started out building a network of public videoconferencing venues at premier hotels, catering to a steady stream of first time users with no tech savvy personel present at location.

To produce high quality meetings remotely, we had to develop our own system: exceptionally easy to use and extremely reliable. Now we can offer the same system to you - at your own office.

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Solutions for Hotels

Do you operate a hotel or a conference centre? Find out how you can best offer video conferencing by becoming a Skiptrip partner.

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Skiptrip features

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  • User Friendly
  • No ownership troubles
  • External meetings
  • Secure
  • Great Support
  • Booking System
  • Tailormade furniture
  • No firewall constraints
  • Studio quality
  • Interoperability
  • Share documents
  • Low bandwidth consumption
  • High reliability
  • Access for travelling staff
  • Telepresence
  • Additional services