Our business concept and vision.

Skiptrip is about video conferencing. But not like the videoconferences of yesterday where troublesome equipment, grainy video and technical difficulties were the rule instead of the exception. In our specially-designed videoconference rooms your meetings go off without a hitch.

Video meetings: available for everyone

Our vision is for video conferencing to be considered a reliable and easily-accessible alternative to physical meetings when travelling is not a possibility.

Current videoconferencing systems are problematic - they are complicated, unreliable and expensive. This keeps them from being accessible to everyone.

This is why we decided to redefine the standard. We sat down with a blank sheet of paper and designed the Skiptrip concept, based on that users want and need 100% problem-free meetings. Deciding what equipment we would use was not important; our focus was on creating a reliable and user-friendly videoconference.

The next important step was making Skiptrip available in hotels. This allows users to conduct a videoconference without having to first invest thousands of dollars in a conference room. The possibility to reserve public videoconference rooms through travel agencies further streamlined the concept. Providing this service at a cost lower than that of travelling has been well-received.

Because our solution was so effective, companies began asking for our meeting rooms in their own facilities. As a result, we have created turnkey Skiptrip rooms with simple rental terms.

Our answers to the problems of conventional video conferencing have created a cost-effective solution both for small businesses who hold one or two video meetings per year, as well as for large corporations that require a constant open line of communication between different offices and affiliates.

Our clients have problem-free meetings.

We take care of everything.

Urban Starner, CEO

We provide videoconference meeting rooms at premier hotels in Brussels, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Uppsala. Rent by the hour, including room, equipment, tech support and all connections.

Rent a room

If you need to install your own videoconference facility at your location, we can install a private Skiptrip system for a set monthly fee with full support and no investment required.

At your office