Video conferences at your hotel or public conference venue.

If you operate a hotel or conference centre and want to get a share of the ever-increasing video conference market, you have come to the right place. Skiptrip is designed especially for you. We enter into partnerships with selected hotels and conference venues in cities where we see commercial potential. Contact us today and we’ll tell you how simple it is.

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We are independent

Skiptrip are not connected to or owned by any special hotel group or other player in the travel or hospitality industry. Therefore we are able to select our partners on purely commercial grounds.

Strong references

We are already partners with some of the strongest brands in the industry, including Radisson BLU Hotels, Clarion Hotels, The Gothia Towers and Congrex.

Full copies of the testimonials from our current partners are available by request.

We simply asked Skiptrip to put the cabinets against the wall in one of our less-booked group meeting rooms. It required no changes to the room and the unit does not at all interfere with other activities we have in there.

Patrik Delén, IT Manager, Radisson Blu Hotel
Malmö, Sweden

Over the years they have sent us hundreds of meetings and conference guests, who have always been very pleased with our jointly operated service.

Björn Hermansson, Meeting & Event Manager, Planning and Operations
Clarion Hotel Stockholm, Sweden

We find that Skiptrip offers us a full service product which we can rely on. We extend our recommendations to anyone who is considering hosting a Skiptrip setup.

Anna Fahlgren, Business Solutions Manager
Gothia Towers Hotel and Convention Centre, Göteborg, Sweden

None of our local competitors have anything like this. Thanks to Skiptrip we are the premier choice for videoconferencing in Uppsala.

Susanna Ståhl, General Manager
Clarion Hotel Gillet, Uppsala, Sweden