Video conference Zurich

Skiptrip operates a network of video conferencing rooms available at hotels and business centres. For video conference bookings in Zurich we will shortly open a new room at a hotel in the City-West district. Customers are welcome to rent the video meeting room by the hour. Skiptrip will arrange your meeting, making sure that the video conference connects at the right moment. Your participants in Zurich will be well taken care of.

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Video conference Zurich

Video conference features

Connect with any system

Our video conference Zurich room can be connected to video conference systems of all brands, plus any mobile device like laptops, tablets or smartphones - anything with a camera! Multiple systems can be connected to the same meeting. IP or ISDN.

Easy and reliable

Skiptrip will arrange your meeting for you. We will contact your counterparty and make sure that the meeting starts in time and proceeds as planned. If you need any kind of support our help desk will help you immediately.

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Share presentations

Sharing presentations is easy. Just connect the cable provided at your meeting table. The presentation will be shown in all rooms connected.

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Video conference Zurich - Hotel partner T.B.A.

Video conference Zurich facility

About the Hotel

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Ideal Location

Hotel Website: T B A.
Book by phone: +46 (0)8 519 775 70
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Venue Address: T B A. Map


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A little smarter. A lot cheaper. Business or Economy subscriptions gives you the flexibility to use your monthly hours regardless if you are in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Uppsala or Malmö.

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If you're a regular video conference user, Skiptrip can easily be installed at your company. We deliver a ready-to-use system at a set monthly rate, without investment.

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